About Us

We are an online platform where service and community connect. We are a place where service organizations unlock their full potential through event, volunteer and donation management. We are a place where people ignite their passions as they engage with their community.

Why the name Village Creed?

We believe that every person is embedded in a network of people- their village. We also believe that everyone lives by a "creed", a set of beliefs or aims which guide their actions. The aim of our Village Creed is to build stronger and healthier ties to our village to help create a vibrant tomorrow.

Who uses the platform?

Our platform is for any individual committed to the success of their community. We help individuals with personal development by allowing them to tap into local resources and track progress towards goals. We also help organizations communicate and quantify their community efforts to tap into greater support for their mission. This is accomplished through our unique tools and reporting features for nonprofits, places of worship, businesses, schools, healthcare agencies, and local government. We make it easy to record your personal engagement, and the engagement of your village.

Is Village Creed a nonprofit?

No. With every nonprofit that comes into being, there is less money for other 501c3's. We don't think "more" 501c3's is the answer. We think better maximizing the existing resources is best for all. The Village Creed is a Public Benefit Corporation, a for-profit institution that provides a benefit to the environment or public. This allows us to generate shareholder profit without making it our primary goal. Instead, we are free to focus on connecting and strengthening local communities. We help bridge the gaps between nonprofits and for-profits. We aim to leverage businesses to better align with community causes. Public and private sectors need to work together to accomplish big goals.