Do I have to create an account to find community events and resources?

No! Anyone can search for local events and resources within a geographic location. However, you do need an account to register for events and record your ongoing service hours in the community.

Does it cost to create an account?

For individuals, it will always be free! For organizations, there is a monthly fee based on size. Check out our pricing page for more information.

How can I add an event or service to the website?

To ensure reliable, quality content, only individuals working through approved organizations can post content. Any organization can apply to join Village Creed. If you are working with a local organization already on our site and want to post their content, please request admin permissions from them.

Can my child create an account?

We are currently working towards COPPA Compliance to allow your child to securely create an account. The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law designed to ensure the online privacy and safety of personal information of children younger than age 13.

I don't see my employer or place of worship on the Village Creed? How can they join?

The first step is for your employer, or any other head of an organization, to create a personal account. After they create an account, they can click the button "Add New Organization" on their personal dashboard. Once they fill in the information and apply, a Village Creed staff member will review their application.

How can Village Creed help me with personal development?

Our platform allows you to set goals in specific areas of interest and quickly plug into community resources related to that area of interest. As you participate in events and volunteer opportunities through our site, your hours are compiled into a service transcript. You can download and share this transcript easily to help communicate your progress to others!

Can I see the reporting capacity of Village Creed for Organizations?

Sure! Check out some of our powerful reporting tools here: Nonprofits Worship Businesses Schools Local Government Agencies

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